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  • When settling a ticket to CE Payments in Mobile POS, Users will now only be prompted to select a device that is configured for the selected ticket payment type.

  • Mobile POS has been updated to support the ‘Suggested Gratuity’ ticket template element

  • Mobile POS now displays the table number when viewing a ticket on the Order Entry page.

  • A warning message has been added on the Tee Times tab of Classic POS if a User attempts to do a Member Charge All for a future date.

  • Mobile POS now supports the ‘Condition’ value on the Raw Text ticket template element.

  • Mobile POS now displays the signed in employee’s name on the Dashboard, Order Entry page, and Settle page.

  • When opening the End of Shift Report dialog in Mobile POS, it will now default the selected printer to the one connected to the device you’re signed in to.

  • An ‘open cash drawer’ message will now be sent when settling a ticket to Cash in Mobile POS.

  • Fixed an issue when a CE Payment settlement would fail because of a timeout and the system would allow you to close the ticket to Cash without properly handling the pending/failed CE Payment.

  • Fixed an issue in Mobile POS when a Split By Amount was performed on a ticket resulting in quantities of 3 decimal places and those tickets could not be paid for/closed due to inconsistent rounding.

  • Fixed an issue where a User was sometimes able to settle a Mobile POS ticket to a folio that had been deleted in CMA.

  • Fixed an issue where a User was sometimes able to run the Manual Folio Charge wizard to bill a folio that had been deleted in CMA.

  • Fixed an issue where the voucher sync from Office to PayCloud was not factoring in the selected Member types on the endpoint.

  • Fixed an issue where Users could post a vendor payment batch that was out-of-balance because a vendor did not have a Terms Discount Ledger set.

  • Fixed an issue when editing a Member group in CMA and attempting to add the ‘Type’ column to the grid (that column is now called ‘Member Type’ and properly displays each Member’s Member type).

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