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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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  1. Selecting the directory tile will open up the member directory. The Members tab at the top will be highlighted.

    1. Type in the search area to search for a specific member.

    2. The letters column on the right can be used to filter the directory by last name

    3. Admins will be able to see all members regardless of if they are hidden in the directory or not

  2. The icon to the right will open the the Select Buddy List(s) window. This can be used to add or remove members to an existing buddy list.

  3. Click on a member’s name to view their profile information.

  4. The Add Buddy button can be utilized here as well to add or remove the member to any of your existing lists.



  1. Select the Staff tab to view club staff. The staff directory works similarly to the member directory. These are the admin accounts on the website.

  2. The search bar can be used to find specific staff

  3. Select a staff member to view contact information.

  4. Staff CANNOT be added to any buddy list.


  1. The Buddies tab is where various buddy lists can be added and edited

  2. Select Add New List to create new buddy list

    1. Simply type in the list’s name

    2. Tap Create List to save.

  3. Existing lists will be displayed along with the number of buddies currently in that list.

    1. Members can be removed by tabbing and sliding left, then selecting the trash can icon. NOTE: This will remove them from ALL Lists

    2. To remove a member from a specific list, tap the member name to view their profile.

    3. Here is where all lists they are currently apart of will be displayed. Selecting any list will open up the Select Buddy List(s) window.

    4. Check or uncheck the desired lists, then select Update Lists.

  4. Select the down arrow next to a list to view the current members within that list as well as edit using the Edit List button.

    1. Selecting Edit List will open the Edit Buddy List window.

    2. The name of the list can be changed. Select Save after making any changes.

    3. The list can be deleted here by selecting the Delete List button.

  5. Tapping on the Add Buddies button will switch to the Members tab where new buddies can be added.



The guests tab is where guest information can be added and stored, making it easy for members to add them to future reservations or tee times.

  1. Select New Guest to add a new guest.

  2. Enter their first and last name, then select Add Guest.

    1. Additional information such as contact info can be added by selecting Show Optional Fields.

  3. Any guest can be removed by tapping on their name and sliding left. Select the trashcan Icon to remove the guest.


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