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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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The Clubessential Community


Click here to request an account for the Clubessential Community. 

Shortly after, you will receive an email with a hyperlink. Simply click on the link within the email to be taken to the community website. Accept the terms and conditions presented. Next, choose your new password. It must be 8 characters long and include at least one letter and one number, then select Change Password. You are now a part of the Clubessential Community!

Once signed up, the login page is:

Release Notes

Keep up to date with all of Clubessential’s product enhancements by visiting the Knowledge Base. Selecting the Release Notes button will load the Clubessential Product Release page. On this page can be found:

  • Monthly recap videos which will cover all product enhancements that were released within a specific month

  • Quarterly Enhancement Recaps which contains question and answer sections with the Clubessential product team

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the product specific release notes organized by product and release date.

Live Training

Clubessential offers a wide array of live webinars every month. Select Live Training to access the Monthly Training Calendar. Specific webinars can be found by selecting a date range or even a product focus. Click Register Here to get signed up. Next, fill in your contact information and select Register.

Contact Support

Submitting support cases has never been easier. Quickly create and manage support cases all within the community site. Select Contact Support to begin the case creation process.Use the Product Group dropdown to select which product your current case relates to. Next, enter a subject line for the case. The subject is usually a short summary of the issue. Lastly, enter a detailed description of the issue. Try to be as detailed as possible. Select Confirm to submit.


Once a case has been submitted, it is simple to keep up to date regarding its status and communicate with Clubessential support. To view any of your OR your club’s open tickets, select Cases in the top navigation bar. The first cases displayed will be your own open cases. The options at the top allows you to switch to view your club’s open cases as well as any of your previously closed cases as well. At a quick glance details about the case including Case Number, Subject, and Status can be seen. Click on a case number or subject to view the case details.

Case Actions

Once a case has been opened, not only will details and the case feed be displayed, there are several actions that can be taken to add additional information as well as communicate with the Clubessential team member currently working on the case.

  • Make a post -  Next to Post, type in the field that says “Share an update…” and then select Share. This will produce a message that will be seen by the Clubessential staff.

  • Comment - Similar to making a post, most actions or messages in the feed can be commented on. Simply click into one of the fields that says “Write a comment…”, type a message, then select Comment. Once again, the @ can be used to send a notification ping. 

  • Upload files - Sometimes additional materials can assist the team in troubleshooting. Any file can be uploaded while viewing a case. First select the Emails & Attachments tab. Then select the Upload Files button. A file explorer window will appear where you can select the file directly from your computer.

Have an Idea? 

Our product team is constantly working hard to deliver the best products to our customers. This means always innovating and delivering consistent updates based on client needs and feedback. The Ideas area of the community allows our community members to submit ideas, comment on others posts, and vote on which suggestions are the best. Select the Have an Idea? Button or the Ideas link in the top navigation to access.

Sorting & Filtering

Ideas will be displayed 5 at a time with the most recent posts appearing at the top. The search bar can be used to search for a specific idea. Simply type in a word or phrase to find a relevant post. The dropdown next to the search bar can be used to change the default sort from recent to ideas that are trending or popular instead. The left hand column can be used to narrow down the ideas displayed as well.

  • Show - This dropdown can be used to only show posts made by you or your club. It can also be used to only show ideas that you have commented or voted on.

  • Category - Use the category dropdown to show ideas about a specific product

  • Status - Use the status dropdown to display ideas based on their status such as Submitted, Pending Review, and Now Available.


On each idea there will be a thumb up and thumb down button. Use the thumbs up to indicate which ideas you would like to see implemented and thumbs down to ideas you aren’t in favor of. Each thumbs up will add ten points to an idea while a thumbs down will remove ten points. Our product team will use these point totals to help drive our roadmap of product enhancements.


Open discussion is encouraged and this can be done by clicking on the title of an existing Idea. Selecting a specific Idea will display all comments on the post. Select Add Comment to open a dialogue box where a new comment can be typed. Simply type a message and click Post your comment.

Post Your Idea

We want to hear from you! To submit your own idea, select the button Post Your Idea. First, type the title of your Idea. The title should be a short summary of the enhancement idea. Next, use the dropdown to select which product the enhancement is for. Finally, type the full idea within the description field. Feel free to use examples to better illustrate your idea. Once finished, select Post.


An all new way to communicate with Support! The Clubessential Community comes with a chat feature that allows users to receive assistance via instant messaging all within the community website. To begin a chat session, select the Chat with an Expert button. Once the chat window opens, fill out your first and last name. Type in the subject of the inquiry. Similar to the subject line of cases, it should be a short summary. Lastly, use the Product Group dropdown to choose which product the issue is about. Once all the information is filled out, select Start Chatting. Within a few seconds, a representative will send a message right within the chat window. Use the bottom field to type messages back. Once finished, simply select the X in the top right corner of the chat window. There will be a confirmation message that you would like to leave the chat. 

Note: Chat is available Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Knowledge Base

The Clubessential Knowledge Base houses a large repository of articles, videos, and webinars about the various products Clubessential offers. Within the top toolbar, select Knowledge Base to access. This will open the Client Resource Center home page. Use the search bar to search for a specific topic or select one of the products to view all articles regarding that product.


Stay informed with what's new and trending in technology for the private club industry. The Clubessential Blog contains a number of articles discussing marketing, technology, and more. Within the top toolbar, select Blogto open.

My Profile

Update personal information and add a photo of yourself for the community. Access the profile settings by selecting the person icon in the top right corner and from the drop down menu, select My Profile

Edit Personal Information

Personal information can be updated by selecting the Edit button. Make any changes desired and select Save

Profile Photo

A profile photo can be added so others can see who you are. Use an image of yourself or even a club logo. Select the large person icon and the Update Photo window will open. Next, select Upload Image to open the windows explorer on your computer. Choose a photo, and then select Save.