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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Uploading the Token

  1. Navigate to System>System Settings within Clubessential Office

  2. Expand Partner Products in the left hand menu & select Industry Insights

  3. Paste the following value into the API Key section. Then select Generate Token.

    1. (Ensure Is test credentials is unchecked):

      1. 1059603C-6B63-46C2-87BD-D44062957D3D

  4. Right click > Select All in the Token field, then select Copy

  5. Save your settings.

  6. Complete the configuration within the Industry Insights product to link the token to your club.

Uploading a Trial Balance

  1. Navigate to the General Ledger Transactions Grid in Clubessential Office

  2. Set the desired date, (normally the club’s fiscal year) then select the Industry Insights icon to upload your trial balance &
    select “Yes” when prompted

  3. You can also verify a successful upload in the System > System Settings > Partner
    Products > Industry Insights > Log tab