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The process for installing Point of Sale Receipt Printers differs depending on whether or not the Club is utilizing a Clubessential hosted platform or an onsite Server.

Use Case

A Club is utilizing an onsite Server, and therefore, needs to install and share their own POS receipt printers. They ensure to follow the directions below, and contact Clubessential support if they have additional questions.


Table of Contents
excludeRDP Setup - Hosted Server

Hosted Server


POS Receipt Printers for Hosted clients need to be installed on the club’s Hosted server.  Installing and sharing these printers is Clubessential’s responsibility, however, to install printers correctly, the club’s Local IT Service will need to provide the Make, Model, IP Address, and desired Share Name of the printer. 

Clubessential will install the printer on the club’s Hosted server, configure within the Clubessential Office System, and assign the printer to the correct POS Workstation Device. Once this is complete, Clubessential will contact the club to test the printer. 

Onsite Server


The local IT Service for clients with an Onsite server are responsible for setting up and sharing printers. In addition, configuring the printer in the Office system can be done by the club’s Local IT, however Office Support can be contacted if help is needed. The below instructions are designed to assist with these processes.


Installing Receipt Printer on Workstation


Again, installing printers on workstations is the responsibility of the club’s Local IT Service. 


3) The POS application uses Windows printing so if Windows cannot print a test page to the printer, POS will not be able to print either.

Sharing the Printer


Printers cannot be shared unless they are installed locally on the machine. Ensure that installation of the printer is complete before attempting to share the printer. The user will likely need to be logged in as administrator or have administrative rights to change sharing properties on the computer/ Workstation. 


6.      Click OK to save the new changes.


Printing a Test Page

To complete printer set up, a clean Print Test Page is required.


 5.      Be sure to hold on to the Test Page that was printed as it lists the Computer Name and Share Name. This information will be needed to setup the printer in Clubessential Office.


Setup Printer in Clubessential Office 

The club’s local IT can continue the setup of the printer in Clubessential Office using these instructions. If you require help at this point Clubessential Support is available to assist. Make sure to have the print out from the Print Test Page. 


16)   Lastly, click Save & Close to complete the setup of the new POS Device.


Assigning Printer to a POS Workstation Device

1)      Navigate to POS across the top toolbar and select Devices.


 For more information on POS Work Station Devices, please see our POS Terminal/ Workstation Device Setup manual.

Common Printer Troubleshooting

1)      Before calling support, power cycle your printer and if it is a USB Printer, restart the computer, and then attempt printing again.


Please see our POS Terminal/ Workstation Device Setup manual for more information on Workstation Devices. 

Downloadable Guide

POS Receipt Printer Setup - Guide