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An Item Category is a fundamental component of the Office system.  A Category represents a collection of Items, and is a subset of a Group.  An Item can only belong to one Category and one Group.  An unlimited number of Items may exist in a Category, and an unlimited number of Categories may exist in a Group. A Category fits into one of (3) areas: (1) Food and Beverage, (2) Retail, or (3) Billing.  Item Categories have a Child Relationship to Groups, and a Parent Relationship to Items. Therefore, a Group must first exist before an Item Category can become a Member of it.  And, an Item Category must exist before an Item can be added to it.

Use Case

When initially setting up the system, or as new collections of Items are added to Dining, Retail or Billing areas of a Club, Administrative Users will need to know how to Add a New Item Category.

Example of an Item Category is as follows:

  *Food (Item Group)

   *Entree (Item Category)

    *Lobster Ravioli (Item)

    *8oz Steak (Item)

    *Trout w/Crab Sauce (Item)


This video walks Users through how to create a new Item Category.

Note: Sections of the videos have been referenced below with corresponding times in the video for ease of access



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