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Table of Contents
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Group Definitions 

  • Static Group: groups that include specific members that were placed there manually. These can be inclusion or exclusion groups.

  • Static Opt-In Groups: special static group that allows members to opt-in to the group. Members can opt-in/opt-out by accessing their Profile page in the Member Directory.

  • Dynamic Groups: groups that automatically include members based on rules you define from the Directory or accounting system. 

Note: in order for any of these groups to work properly, all information in the Member Directory must be up-to-date. 

To access Static & Dynamic Groups follow the steps below depending on your access role.

  1. Admins: Hover over Admin bar in the left hand corner of the screen, select Dynamic Groups or Groups. Note: these are linked in the same interface, so you can toggle between the two once you either click Dynamic Groups or Groups.

  2. Editors: Hover over Admin in the main navigation, select Main Tools, and then Inbox/Groups. 

  3. The Groups Interface screen will launch depending on which path you choose, either Dynamic or Static.

  4. Since both groups are in the same interface, use the tabs to toggle between either Static or Dynamic Groups: