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2) Sell the item Unused Credit Book at the POS for the entire balance of the selected Member’s Credit Book.  This will clear up the unused portion of the Credit Book. 

Expiration Wizard Tips and Tricks

Issue: When using the Credit Book Expiration Wizard the Credit Book in question may not display after the first step of specifying the "Expired as Of" and other criteria

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REASON: If the Credit Book in question has an expiration date farther out than the one selected in "Expired As Of" or has no expiration date then the credit book will NOT EVEN SHOW UP

TRICK / WORK AROUND: On the Expired as Of date click on the Year the Right Arrow and go out to the year 3000 (no, really, the year 3000) and then select the credit book and other criteria and then Next and then the Credit Book will show up

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REASON WHY IT WORKS: The wizard will only pull up Credit Books with an Expiration date "inside" the date range end point you specify, by going out to the year 3000 you are ensuring to capture all Credit Books regardless of when they are set to expire or if set to "never expires"


View Credit Book in Member Profile


To view Credit Book activity within a Member’s profile,


Downloadable Guide

Credit Book - Guide