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exclude10.03.16 - Releases



Member Display - Booking Window

  •  Added additional display options to dining and activity reservations player dropdown lists to match those available for golf.

    Use Case: Previously, when selecting a Member to be a part of a reservation (other than Tee Times), only the first and last names were displayed in reservations systems making it difficult to distinguish between two members with the same/similar name.  Now, see additional Member details in the dropdown list to more easily identify desired Member in all reservations systems.


Public Booking Interface

  • As a club admin I can disable credit card entry for Public Booking Tee Time interface.

    Use Case: For Clubs that allow Public bookings, optionally turn off the credit card requirement for someone booking a tee time.  This is a back end setting which requires Clubessential’s assistance in implementing; however, was not previously possible prior to this enhancement.


Block Starts - Hidden from All 

  • Blocks marked as hidden are now hidden from displaying in the app mobile reservations dashboards.

    Use Case: Previously, blocks using the Hidden from All template were not visible on a Club’s website, but were still visible on the Mobile App.  With this enhancement, now blocks using the Hidden from all template are also invisible on the Mobile App.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in field for activity reservations that caused a loop when a reservation was moved earlier and remained partially within its reservation duration.

  • Fixed issue where options would not display in the edit reservation window for some events in dining reservation system.

  • Fixed issue where first unnamed guest in a tee time of all guests would not save on the creation of a tee time booking with public tee times enabled.

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