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exclude10.03.16 - Releases


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue - when using the "Simple Booking Display" option it is throwing an error when the "Create New Request" button is clicked.

  • Fixed the issue - when creating a crossover configuration table, any new tee time on a crossover course will not go to the next available course.

  • Fixed the issue - when attempting to save a rule for dining lottery weight restrictions, the application breaks.

  • Fixed the issue - when trying to edit an existing reservation, it does not allow the user to decrease the party size unless the size is reduced to the exact number of available spots.

  • Fixed the issue - when generating a Jonas Charge File from the Axis Tee Time system the system was filtering Void transactions, resulting in different export files from actual charges/voids.

  • Fixed the issue - Tee Times Notifications not going to the app.

  • Fixed the issue - the booked reservation count among shared time slots (courts) returns the wrong value prohibiting the users from making the reservation.

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