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Table of Contents
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Accessing Document Upload

Admins can access Document Upload by hovering over ADMIN in the top left hand corner of your website and clicking Document Upload found under the CONTENT MGMT section of the dropdown menu.

Editors may access Document Upload via the Admin tab in the navigation.

Uploading a Document

Select Document Upload from the Admin Tool Bar.

  1. Select the green circle with a white plus sign. 

  2. Should you need more than the file upload fields, select the Add Input button.

  3. Use the Select button to browse your computer for the file you wish to upload.  Double click the file name and the file name will appear in the file load field.

  4. Configure other options

    1. 'Overwrite Existing Files with Same Name?' is unchecked by default.  'Overwrite Existing Files with Same Name?' is typically used to replace an existing file with an updated file with the exact same title.  The benefit of this option is that you will not need update any corresponding links to the document either on the website or in sent emails.

    2. 'Secure Files on Upload?' option is checked by default.  Secure files can only be accessed by logging into your website.  If the document being uploaded is linked to from the public side of your website or should be accessible through a link within an email without a requiring the user to log into your website, then you will want to uncheck this option.  Please review the Document Security information below as unsecured documents can be problematic.

    3. - The 'Upload to Folder' options allows you to upload the document(s) to any folder you choose from the dropdown menu.  The folder selected by default will be the folder selected on the left hand side of the Document Upload interface prior to opening the Upload Files window.

  5. Select the Upload button. Once the upload is complete, the Upload Files window will display the Upload Results.

Toolbar Options

The toolbar located at the top of the Document Upload interface contains several icons which allow you to preform various actions.  Some of these options are also available by right clicking on a document.

  • Show/Hide Left Pane - Collapses and expands left column section of the Document Upload interface which contains the folders.

  • Preview Selected Files - Open selected files in a new browser window.  This option is also available by right clicking on any file.

  • View File Properties - Opens the Files Properties window which shows the file type, URL, security, size, when it was uploaded and who uploaded it.  This option is also available by right clicking on any file.

  • Change Security - Secures or unsecures selected documents.  This option is more easily accomplished by checking or unchecking the Secured checkbox found to the right of each document.  

  • Move Selected Files - Opens the Move Files dialogue box which allows you to move files between folders easily.  This option is also available by right clicking on the file name.

  •  Delete Selected Files - Deletes any files that are selected.  This option is also available by right clicking on any file. Once files are deleted from the Website, they cannot be recovered.

  •  Full Screen -Expands the  Document Upload interface to appear in the full width and height of your internet browser

  •  Help -  Directs user to this article

Document Security 

Secure documents can only be accessed by a user after logging into your website.  When a document is Secure, the checkbox on the right hand 'Secured' column is checked.

All documents are secured by default, unless the option to 'Secure Files on Upload?' is unchecked upon upload.  Any document can be quickly unsecured by unchecking the checkbox in the 'Secured' column.  An unsecured document can be accessed publicly and will not require a user to log into your website. Any unsecured document can be searched by Internet Browsers and may appear in Internet Searches.

Advanced Document Security 

Documents can be secured for viewing by a specific Static Group of people. After the Static Group is created and the document has been uploaded, the following steps will make a document accessible to only those people within the group:

  1. Make sure the document is already marked as Secured then right click on the file name and select the option for 'View File Properties'

  2. The File Properties dialogue box will appear. By default, all of the Groups in the Assign Groups pull down option are selected to view the document.

  3. Select all is the default setting.  Either uncheck Select All and then select the proper Groups for viewing rights or uncheck the Groups who should not have viewing rights.

  4. Close the File Properties dialogue box using the x in the upper right hand corner. The Properties will be save automatically. 

Organizing Your Documents

You are able to manage the organization of uploaded documents by creating custom folders on the left hand side of the Document Upload interface.  Create folders that make sense to you and keep you organized. Drag and drop folders to restructure the folder hierarchy if needed. Documents can be moved into any folder at any time without the need to update the corresponding hyperlinks. Files must be moved between folders using the Move Selected Files feature.

Follow these steps to create a new folder:

  1. Select Add New Folder from the left hand side of the Document Upload interface.

  2. The 'Add New Folder' window will open. Enter the name of the Folder in the Name field. The new folder will be placed within the selected Parent Category.  You may create as many folders as you like. For instance, you may have a top level Folder called: Board Meeting Minutes. Then create a folder for each year inside Board Meeting Minutes such as 2014 BMM, 2015 BMM etc. 

  3. Click the Add button to save the New Folder in the designated Parent Folder. 

  4. You may drag and drop folders in the left side of the Document Upload interface to create an organized structure for your documents.

Once a folder is created, you have the option to upload files directly to the folder by selecting the folder name in the Upload to Folder dropdown within the Upload Files window.