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Custom Fields are designed as a club specific solution to gathering additional information on particular instances of the Office system.  Specifically, Custom Fields can be created to gather additional information on Members, Employees, and Vendors.  The Office system has the capability to create various types of Custom Fields including Choice, Date, Number, Text, Yes/No, and Group.

Use Case

  • The club Club would like to track the age of their Members when they joined the club.

  • Custom Fields can be used The Club would like to track the Education of a club’s employees.

  • Tracking The Club would like to track the brand of woods a Vendor sells can done using Custom Fields.


Table of Contents
excludeNon-Member Payments


Please see instructions below to access Custom Fields within each available module.


4. The column is now on the grid and can be filtered and exported to Excel the same as any other column.

Best Practices

Downloadable Guide


  • Make sure to always save and close when finished editing the custom field. 
  • It is required to select a Custom Fields Category during the setup of a Custom Field. 

Downloadable Guide