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Invoice Entry/Check Printing


This causes you to think that you entered invoices and it created checks, when in the system it’s two completely different things, Invoice Entry and Check Printing.


Here’s what the system is actually doing:


Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t find my checks to print.


Contact Clubessential Support if the batches are posted and you still can’t find your checks to print. Be sure to provide them with the Payment batch control number. That will be the number that starts with “PJ” that you obtain from the Approve Payment Batches screen. 

My invoice doesn’t show up to pay.


Contact Clubessential Support if you have verified that the batch is posted and the Check Date and Due Date used on the Pay Bills screen are appropriate. Please provide them with the specific Vendor Name and invoice number.


My Aged Open Invoice Report doesn’t tie to my General Ledger.


Contact Clubessential Support if you can’t figure out what’s causing it to be out of balance. Be sure to
provide them with the day it goes out of balance and any invoices that you have found that have a pay date before they were posted to the general ledger. 

How do I reprint checks, something happened during printing?


The checks are not listed there – contact Clubessential Support. Provide them with the Vendor name and the Payment Batch control number. 

How do I edit an invoice?


Once an invoice has been posted you cannot edit it. You would need to enter a reversing invoice, do a zero dollar check, and then you can re-enter the invoice. 

How do I combine checks?

Once checks have been created they cannot be combined. You can print and send the separate checks, or print them, void them and reselect the invoices in Pay Bills as one check. 

The system won’t let me do a zero dollar check.

It requires that Allow Zero Dollar Checks be selected in System Settings, Accounts Payable before you will be allowed to print a zero dollar check. Once that is set it will allow it.


How do I void a check with a check number 0?

Use the Void by Date option under Void Checks. That will give you a list of checks for the date entered and you can select the check from the list.


How do I unpost a batch?

You cannot unpost Accounts Payable Batches. You would do corrections by voiding checks or entering negative invoices.


The system says it can’t void my check. How do I void it?

That means that you have told the system that you do not want to pay the invoices again, but the invoices paid on the check include inventory items or reciprocal club charges. The system cannot reverse those invoices. Tell the system to void the check, and that you do want to pay the invoices again. Enter reversing invoices and do a zero dollar check through Pay Bills.


I have a vendor entered twice how do I combine them?

Contact Clubessential Support and they will do it for you. Be sure to tell them which vendor you would like the activity moved to.


Vendor 1099 amount printing in wrong box on the form.

First check the Vendor set up under the 1099 tab, make sure the box being used on the Default 1099 Box field is set correctly. Then look at the invoices because they each have their own setting. Go into the Vendor file to the Financial tab. Open the invoices paid in that 1099 year one at a time. Click on the Tax Form Box Overrides link, and change it to the appropriate box.


Vendor not getting 1099 that should.

Look on the Financial tab in the vendor file. Verify that the vendor has met the amount required as set by the government, if not then the system will not print a 1099. Make sure the 1099 tab is configured correctly. If everything looks correct Contact Clubessential Support. Be sure to provide them the Vendor name.


How to print 1099 when no payments made out of Clubessential Office?

In the vendor file, on the 1099 tab enter a 1099 adjustment. Make sure the 1099 tab is configured appropriately for the vendor and that the box used in the adjustment matches the Default 1099 Box set for the Vendor.


Downloadable Guide

AP Troubleshooting Guide