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Table of Contents


When Members book a Guest Room, sometimes a deposit needs to be held. This guide covers the basics on how to add a Deposit using a Credit Card to a Folio.

Use Case

User needs to add a Deposit to a Guest Room using the Member’s Credit Card.


Table of Contents
excludeCreate an Item

Updating Room Information

  1. Book a Reservation for the specific Member.

  2. Enter the number of occupants staying in the room.


3) Select a room to update the information.

Entering Credit Card

Once the reservation has been made, select the corresponding room and select Add Credit Card.


Please Note: Credit cards are linked to rooms not individual occupants.  If two or more occupants are in a room, only one credit card may be attached to a room.

Settle Folio

Select the Folio Button to open the Folios for this reservation.


Select Print & Done to start the credit card process.

Image Modified

If there is already a Credit Card assigned to the room, a prompt will ask if the card on file is the one to be used for this room.


Select Save and Close to save the information. The Deposit will now be listed as Deposit for Guest Room on the room Folio.

Downloadable Guide