Website (11.30.20) Release


  • Added the new email editor in Multi-Day calendar events for flyers

  • Grayed out the date selector when editing Dining reservations as a member in order to prevent situations in which a member edits in to a date they should not

Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a webpage error when editing or reordering a navigation item from the website as an Admin

  • Fixed an issue that allowed members to edit in to dining times that are partially full and exceed to total allowable headcount

  • Fixed an issue that in certain circumstances resulted in a site timeout when attempting to save a new editor email template

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a member from cancelling a tee time if they are the reserver but not a player

  • Fixed an issues that prevented a Courts Administrator from being notified of a rule break in the current booking for a member if another member passed all restrictions

  • Fixed an issue with mobile calendar registration on sites using the Child Manager function that resulted in the member not being able to properly add children to the reservation

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicates events in the new editor event linking function

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the ##PREFIX## snippet from working properly in scheduled Dining notifications

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