XME (Lists) Import Steps

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This guide will demonstrate how to utilize the external email marketing tool that allows admins to email non-members for marketing campaigns.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

How to set up an XME list (Mailing Lists)

Format the Excel File

  1. The excel file should have exactly three columns in the following order:

    • Column 1: First Name

    • Column 2: Last Name

    • Column 3: Email (Each contact needs a unique email address)

  2. Remove the title row.

    • These are column descriptors – usually “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”

    • Please note: This document should contain only data

  3. The excel file should only contain one sheet; cannot use multiple sheets.

    • Separate sheets into their own book

      1. Right click sheet tab located at the bottom of the window.

      2. Click Move or Copy.

      3. From the To book: drop down, select New Book.

      4. Format the new sheet using previous steps.

Convert to a .CSV File

  1. On the Excel file, navigate to File and then click Save As.

    1. In the type dropdown, select CSV (Comma delimited).

    2. Click Save.

    3. Ensure the filename does not contain decimals (.) Tip: use underscore (_) to separate information within a filename.

    4. Please Note: A pop up may appear that states, “List [ FILENAME] may contain features that are not compatible with CSV (comma delimited). Do you want to keep the workbook in this format?” Click Yes.

Add .csv to the External Marketing Emailer (XME)

  1. Log-in to the club website.

  2. Locate the Admin Dashboard across the top menu bar.

  3. Hover over the Admin tab located on the far left side of the Admin Dashboard.

  4. Click Groups.

  5. Click the Lists tab.

  6. Click Add List.

    1. Enter a name for the list.

    2. Optional:

      • Add a description (this will appear next to the list to give more information).

      • Check the Allow Opt In/Out box to allow members in the list to opt in or out of the list. It’s checked by default.

  7. Click Create List.

  8. After the list has been saved, click Click here to continue.

  9. Click Import/Merge List Contacts.

  10. Click Choose File.

  11. Within the box Upon Completion, Send Import Report Email to: enter your email address.

  12. Select Import Type

    1. Merge File with Existing Contacts - This will grow the list and merge duplicate contacts. It will never delete.

    2. Replace Contacts on this List with only Contacts in File - Only the contacts from the .csv import will be housed in the list.

  13. Click Import.

  14. Click OK on the dialogue box “The upload was successful. An email will be sent to the specified address once your import is complete.”

  15. Wait for the upload email notification.

    1. NOTE: If you did not enter an email address, you will not receive an email. You will have to come directly back to the Lists tab and view the group.

Best Practices