Office (2.8.21) Release


Mobile POS

  • Timekeeping:

    • Timekeeping is now available in Mobile POS!

    • Users can enable timekeeping in CMA to allow for clock in, clock out, and manage timekeeping abilities in Mobile POS.

    • Timesheet edits must take place in Mobile POS. Mobile timekeeping will not flow into CMA’s Manage Timekeeping module.

    • Club’s should NOT enable Mobile POS timekeeping if there are running a hybrid of both Classic and Mobile POS.


  • Activities Integration

    • Activities/Courts/Lessons reservations from the Clubessential website can now be configured to flow into Mobile POS for billing.


  • Order Prep Summary

    • A Prep Summary ticket template control can now be added to kitchen prep tickets. 

    • It prints a summary of all items on a particular order. 

    • Items are printed w/o their modifiers and are printed on ALL prep tickets regardless of the item’s print configuration.

    • This feature will aid kitchens with item preparation timing.

    • The Hide Course Zero setting controls whether items with a course of 0 (or w/o a course)  will be included in the print summary. 


  • Timeout Setting:

    • Support for the CMA Terminal Timeout setting has been added. 

    • If a server walks away from a tablet or desktop running Mobile POS, the device will now timeout per the CMA Terminal Timeout setting. 

    • Clubs can now use this setting to force devices to time out after a certain period of time, preventing the next employee from using the device without having to login. 

    • This will help prevent employees from accidentally ringing in orders under another employee's PIN. 


  • Ticket Audit Additions:

    • Override Date and Change Message actions are now tracked on the Ticket Audit Report.


  • Multi-Company Member Lookup Changes:

    • When "Show Company Toggle on Member Lookup in POS" is disabled for a given Area, the system will show members from all companies in the Member Lookup grid by default.

    • When "Show Company Toggle on Member Lookup in POS" is enabled, the system will save the setting on a given device so that the user does not need to toggle it on the grid each time.


  • Ask for Price Item Combos:

    • Combos configured to "Split by Percentage" can now be configured to Ask for Price. 

    • The system will prompt the user to enter a custom price each time the item is sold. 

    • The system will then distribute the funds according to the percentages configured on the item combo.


  • Auto Finish Gift Card Support:

    • When selling more than one gift card in Mobile POS, users now have the ability to select an "Auto Finish" option.

    • Auto Finish will issue the entire remaining quantity of gift cards sold to the same individual, using the next available numbers/tracks in line.

  • Reason Code Display:

    • The reason code selection box has been enhanced to show two rows of codes when comping/discounting an item. 

    • Selecting the appropriate reason code will be easier for users, reducing the need to scroll.


  • Improved CE Payments Error Message:

    • Reversing/Refunding a “negative” sale is not supported with CE Payments. When attempting to reverse/refund a negative sale (unreferenced refund), the system will now show a more intuitive error message. These transactions must be reversed with a “positive” sale. 


Mobile Ordering

  • Auto Print Future Order Date on Ticket:

    • If an order is for a future date, the system will now automatically include the date in the Online Order Delivery Info section of the Ticket Template.


  • “Accepting/Serving Until..” Times:

    • "Accepting/Serving Until.." times that display on the Mobile Ordering menus will now reflect the last “Accepting” time configured for the menu in CMA, rather than the last “Visibility” time.


  • Override Mobile Ordering Modifier Groups with No Modifiers:

    • Items with attached Modifier groups can now be configured specifically for Mobile Ordering to not include any Modifier groups.



  • Print Configuration Changes In Audit Log:

    • Item and Item Category level print configuration changes will now be displayed in the respective audit log.


  • Member Voucher Transactions Data Genie View:

    • A new view for Member Voucher Transactions has been added to the Data Genie.

    • This allows for enhanced reporting on voucher transactions over a longer period of time than previous reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an Issue where Member Favorites were not respecting Modifiers with Multipliers, resulting in incorrect pricing.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where sorting the check in grid by time sorted numerically, instead of chronologically.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where the Item Combo override was not respected with Mobile POS sales.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed a minor issue where using the browser back button could result in the incorrect tab/module being highlighted.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed a rounding issue when splitting a ticket with a price divisible by 3.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where the system would sometimes error when trying to settle split tickets containing tax inclusive items.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue with Bulk Entry where one restricted member in a batch would prevent the system from Member Charging All for any subsequent members.

  • Classic POS - Fixed an issue where a user was intermittently unable to re-open and reduce the amount of a ticket settled to CE Payments without error.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where Amenities could duplicate when changing the Room Rate for a reservation

  • CMA - Fixed a bug where employee users with “Read” only rights to Vendors were able to quick add vendors from the Vendor Invoices module

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the last payment date on the Delinquent Members Report was not always consistent when multiple A/R’s were present.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the “Support Request” email option would fail. (The fix will be deployed on 2/9/21; one day following the release.)

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