Website (2.22.21) Release


  • Modified Guest Type entry when creating a guest - Guest Types are no longer able to be free-form typed by site Administrators, they must select existing types from the drop down list.

Use Case: This update will prevent duplicate Guest Types from being created accidentally. If you would like to add another Guest Type, please contact Support.

Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest Type selector when creating/editing guests that displayed the Guest Types in random order instead of alphabetical

  • Fixed an issue that required a user to select a POS area when creating a multi-day event

  • Fixed an issue with the Admin Comments snippet in calendar event notification emails that prevented the comments from displaying

  • Fixed an issue with the Manage Delays tool that improperly moved 10th tee starts

  • Fixed an issue with the Court Utilization Report that caused it to only display 10 courts/resources, even if more were in use

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