Website (3.15.21) Release


  • Added the New Email Editor in Formbase notifications

Use Case: Customize your users form experience more than ever. Admins can now use the new editor for updating admin and member submission emails.

  • Added a new setting in Formbase for the handling of data: by default, forms will now not allow submissions containing hyperlinks/URLs, in order to further prevent spam submissions. A new setting within the Form Options, “Allow URLs in Textboxes,” can be used to turn this behavior off should a club have a valid reason.

Use Case: New content filter to keep spam submissions down. There will be a checkbox to allow URLs in forms if desired. For example users may need to link to a resume or Google document upon submission.

  • Added a text search field to both Mail Reporting and Sent items, so that club admins can quickly and easily find specific messages they have previously sent

Use Case: Find previously sent emails quicker than ever. Use the search bar to find emails by subject line. Use in conjunction with the date range for best results.

Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Tee Times that allowed a member to edit their reservation in to a time that was being held by another member with a booking in progress

  • Fixed an issue with the Show My Reservation checkbox in tee times that prevented the value from saving and/or displaying properly, as well as how the setting treated guests

  • Hotfixed an issue with the new Event Waitlist logic, that resulted in incorrect auto-waitlist assignments when making manual waitlist changes in Event Manager

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