Office (4.26.21) Release


Mobile POS

  • CE Payments Card on File

    • Mobile POS can now be configured to settle a transaction to a credit card on file in real time. Members can easily enroll their cards via PayCloud and later use them when on premises at the club without the need to physically present the card.

      • To use Card on File, Clubs must be configured with an instance of Paycloud, CE Payments, and Mobile POS.

      • Any credit card that a member has enrolled in Paycloud will be pulled down as a settlement option when settling a ticket via Card on File. There is no action the member needs to take for Card on File.

        • Example: Duane Aaron has the following 4 credit cards enrolled in Paycloud.

      • At the Mobile POS, when Card on File is configured as a Settlement Type, the user will see the Settlement Option listed.

      • When selected, the POS will present the user with a grid containing all the credit cards the member has enrolled in Paycloud. The member can choose to settle to any of their credit card listed.

      • If your Club is interested in turning on the Card on File feature, please contact Clubessential Support. They will handle configuring the new Merchant Processing Token and Charge Settlement Type for Card on File.


  • Change Area w/ Temporary Ticket Editing License

    • The temporary Mobile POS license that launches after selecting  “Edit Invoice in POS” now allows the user to change the Area assigned to any given ticket.

  1. Double click on the invoice to be edited within a Mobile POS Charge Batch.

2. Click the Edit Invoice in POS button.

3. Click Yes to launch Mobile POS in Google Chrome in order to edit the ticket.

4. Click the Change Table option to navigate to the Area dropdown.

5. Click the Area dropdown to see the listing of Areas.

6. Select the correct Area and settle the ticket back out.

7. The correct Area will be reflected on the ticket in Office on the Charge Batch.


  • POS Item Button Color

    • Items in CMA not configured to Override Category Button Style will now automatically assume the Item Category Button Color instead of defaulting to white/black.

Mobile Ordering

  • Future Ordering Timeline Restriction

    • Mobile Ordering “Future Ordering” Menus now allow users to limit the number days in advance that an order can be placed for any given menu.

  • Updated Cover Field Verbiage

    • The Cover Field verbiage on the Mobile Ordering checkout page has been updated and now better fits mobile devices.


  • CE Payments Settlement Batch Description Update

    • The batch Description and Reference for CE Payments settlements has been updated to reflect whether the batch is a settlement for Card Present, Card Not Present, or Card on FIle.

    • Paycloud Payments = CE Payments Settlements - Online

    • Card Present Payments = CE Payments Settlements - Card Present

    • Card On File Payments = CE Payments Settlements - Card on File

  • Pop-Up Warning for Machines w/ Outdated .NET Framework

    • A pop up warning has been added to both Classic POS and CMA to automatically detect and let users know if they need to update their .NET Framework.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where deleting a ticket associated with a gift card sale and reusing the same gift card number could result in the incorrect balance being applied to the card. 

  • Classic POS - Fixed an issue where selecting “No” when prompted for send on re-order in POS could incorrectly mark other items as sent.

  • Classic POS - Fixed an issue where the Sub Total in Ticket Details periodically did not match the Sub Total shown on the Settle Ticket.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Server Tips report in CMA was not always respecting the Employee Group level Area permissions.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue with the Price Schedule Audit Log where it was incorrectly marking fields as changed.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where Vendors with more than 10 years of AP activity could periodically show inconsistent data in the Vendor AP activity grid.

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