Website (4.26.21) Release


  • Updated the Booked/Unbooked rounds report to make it more clear how many rounds vs. how many slots are booked/unbooked

Use Case: A new column has been added to distinguish and make it clear the amount of rounds and amount of people booked.

  • Added new snippet (##CHANGES##) that can be used in tee times edit notifications to include what changes occurred in the email

Use Case: A new snippet can be utilized within the scheduled notifications that will display exactly what changes were made to a tee time, instead of only showing the current status or number of players.

Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented multi-time tee time bookings inside of a block when they otherwise should be allowed

  • Fixed an issue with Courts notifications created with the new email editor that resulted in the HTML being unnecessarily modified

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the ##PREFIX## snippet from working properly in dining scheduled notifications

  • Fixed an issue that allowed site admins to change global reservation role securities

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the import of images to the new email editor from the image explorer

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