Website (2.3.20) Release


  • Updated verbiage on the Admin dining special event configuration, changing the word “Template” to “Booking Privileges,” to make it consistent with the verbiage on the Tee Times special events configuration screen.

Use Case: Both “Template” and Booking Privileges previously referred to the same options. Now, both Dining and Tee Times special event configurations read Booking Privileges.

  • Rolled back a temporary workaround we had placed in the legacy Axis Editor to account for a Chrome bug that caused display issues. The bug in Chrome has since been fixed, so we no longer need our workaround in place.

Use Case: The workaround included a scrolling bar to allow full access to options within the editor. There is no longer a need for the scroll bar. Also, this will fix the issue with Mac users on Safari.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented members from editing their dining special event registrations under certain circumstances

  • Fixed an issue that ended a CRM campaign while editing it, instead of saving it as a draft

  • Fixed an issue that prevented hyperlink modules from opening in a new browser tab properly when setting the link as target="_blank" in sitebuilder

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