Office (4.23.19) Release

Office - Release Notes


Club Intelligence

Video Support

  • Club Intelligence Dashboard video functionality has been updated.

Use Case: Previously, the Club Intelligence dashboard had embedded YouTube videos for Clubessential Trainings and Webinars that were incompatible at times. Now, links are provided that open these videos on the computer’s browser, as shown below.

Interactive Reporting

Data Genie

  • Added a Combo Description field to the Sales Summary with Line Item Detail view in the Data Genie.

Use Case: Previously, the Sales Summary view in Data Genie would not show line item detail for Combo Descriptions. Now, the Combo Description field has been added to show Combos sold and Users can drill down for Item details for each Combo, as seen below.

Mobile POS


  • Updated the style of screengroup buttons in Mobile POS.

Use Case: Previously, Items buttons were designated in all white in the screengroup on Mobile POS. Now, a variety of colors have been added and Item Buttons will show as white with a colored border, as shown below. A variety of colors have been added to compliment various Club designs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where selecting “Don’t ask me again” on the Device Selection page of Mobile POS was not preserving that setting.
  • Fixed an issue where countdown items were able to be sold past 0 quantity in Mobile POS.
  • Fixed an issue with the Member Retention Score Summary report erroring due to Members having a 0 score for the current month.
  • Fixed an issue where Users were able to delete invoices in CMA that linked to Mobile POS tickets closed with credit card.
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to set up a yearly recurring scheduled email for a Data Genie view or Interactive Report.
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to do a return for a non-tax inclusive item with a price schedule discount in Classic POS.
  • Fixed an issue where the Income Statement Consolidated report was not factoring in the ledger category display order when sorting the results, causing the results to display inconsistent with the General Ledger → Overview.
  • Fixed an issue in the Member Charge Wizard where discounts were only applying once even when the item quantity was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Delinquent Members report was not calculating the correct Last Payment Amount for clubs with multiple AR accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where Users were able to update Vendor Invoices while the Vendor Invoice Batch that they were included in, was being previewed.

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