CE Payments - Auto Draft

The following guide covers how to conduct a Club initiated Admin Autodraft.

If there are Blackout Date(s) set for payments, auto-draft will not process on those days.

Auto Draft Batch Processing

  1. Select the Auto Draft dropdown.

  2. Select New Auto Draft. Once selected, a list of all Members enrolled in Autopay will populate.


3. Select the CheckBox to the left of the First Name column. This will Select All Members. If any Member needs to be excluded, you can simply unselect the CheckBox to the left of their name.

Important Note: The system does take into account if a Member has any Posted Payments within the Statement Period (E.g. a Member brought in a Check this month). Therefore, if any Member’s balance is $0.00 for the month, the system will know not to process any payment for those Members.

4. Select the Toggle to the left of any selected Member and choose New Auto Draft. This will pull in all Members how are currently selected.


5. Select Today’s Date as the Draft Date.

6. Select Statement Balance as the Draft Amount. As you will notice the Statement Balance of the Member will then populate into the Draft Amount field.

Important Note: As previously mentioned, even if an amount populates for a Member that you know has already paid this month, the system will automatically know not to process that amount because their Statement Balance has already been paid.

7. Select Save & Close at the bottom of the screen after reviewing the Batch.

8. The System will then bring you to the Auto Draft History page. You will see your batch in a pending state.

9. Now, the Auto Draft feature in PayCloud runs on a Scheduled Task that runs every hour where it looks for new Auto Draft Batches. With this in mind, check back in about an hour and the Batch should show as processed (The checkmark in the Processing Status Column will be Red when processed). Please be sure to select the Refresh option so the system knows to show you any changes to the Processing Status of the Batch. If you do not select Refresh, the system will not know to show you any changes to the Processing Status and the Batch will still show as if it was Pending.

10. After the Batch has processed you can expect a Payment Batch in the Back Office to show within a few minutes for you to review and Post.

Downloadable Guide