Office (6.7.21) Release


Mobile POS

  • Member Lookup Grid - Company Toggle

    • All member grids in Mobile POS now show an “All Companies” check box given that the area is configured to do so.

  • Item Search - Combos

    • When using the Item Search functionality on the order entry screen, the system will now include Item Combos as well.

  • Prep Printing - Support for Child Item Breakout by Course

    • When prep tickets are configured to group items by course, modifiers with different courses than their parent items can now be broken out into their own respective course on the prep ticket.

Mobile Ordering

  • Ordering Outside Days in Advance Range now throws an error

    • When a member attempts to make an order outside of the “Days in Advance Range” a club has set, the system now shows an error message “You May Only Place Order X Days in Advance” where X is the number of days the club has set in their date range.


  • Manage Members - Member Statement Name Sync’s to Paycloud

    • The “Statement Name” that appears on the statements in CMA will now sync to Paycloud Statements so that they match printed/emailed statements that originate in CMA.

  • Vendor Invoices - Asterisk Denotes Voided Checks

    • When a check is voided and the associated invoice does not need to be paid again the system will now add an asterisk in front of the Invoice Number in the Reference column.

  • Pay Bills Editor  - Balance & Balance After Payments Reflect Current Date Balance

    • System now takes the current date into account for the Balance and Balance After Payments fields and no longer factors in transactions set for a future date and time. 

  • Scheduled Changes - Member Scheduled Changes able to be viewed via Audit Log

    • After a Member Scheduled Change has occurred, that change may now be viewed via the Audit Log, but may not be edited.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where users were unable to add a message to a duplicate item on a ticket that did not have the same modifiers added to it as the first item.

  • MobilePOS - Fixed an issue where 2 items of the same name (one with modifiers, one without) would incorrectly be grouped together and charged on the settle ticket.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where days of the week configured without any “Accepting” times would show an available pickup time of 12 A.M.

  • Classic POS - Fixed an issue where Price schedule was not being applied to a member when changing a member without a price schedule to a member with a price schedule on the ticket.

  • Classic POS - Fixed an issue where Users were being allowed to add a message to an item after it had already been sent. 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where clubs were unable to view the Audit Log for Members Scheduled Changes in CMA.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Golf Rounds Interactive report was not properly counting items configured as cart fees.

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