Website (6.28.21) Release


  • Print Tee Sheet Feature: Tee TIme Admins will now see a “Print Version” link on the admin tee times dashboard, which will allow them to view a simplified, printable version of the day’s tee sheet. This is modeled after, and is intended to replace similar functionality that exists in Netcaddy Pro. Clients who are using Netcaddy Pro for this sole purpose should no longer need to use Netcaddy Pro.

Use Case: Netcaddy pro will longer be needed to print the tee sheet. This means that users with Mac’s will be able to print the tee sheet directly from the website. Admins will be able to Print the daily summary, choose all slots or only times that are booked. Specific courses can be selected all within the website.


  • Added Google Font “Crimson Text” to the new email editor

  • Updated the email preview when composing an email to prevent the site’s default styles (font styling) from impacting the fonts shown in the email preview

  • Added support for the ##COUNTDOWN## snippet (which displays the countdown timer) in the mobile version of dining and courts

Other Features/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicate tee times appearing in Netcaddy Pro reports

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in masterpage formatting issues in articles and events created with the new email editor

  • Fixed an issue with Paycloud Event Payment integration that resulted in the full dollar amount being charged instead of just the new fees when adding to an existing reservation

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a webpage error for members viewing the Peer Review tab in tee times when other members have “NH” handicaps

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest History and Guest Summary reports in tee times that resulted in the report returning data for 1 additional day than what was selected in the report filter criteria

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a webpage error on the tee box editor for clients using GHIN integration and improper tee box configuration

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a webpage error when viewing click through detail reporting in sent CRM campaigns

  • Fixed an issue in the public tee times booking system that resulted in improperly formatted phone numbers when entered with hyphens

  • Fixed an issue with the “AllInTheFamily” courts complex field, that resulted in booking errors even when booking with family members

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the member profile from automatically refreshing after editing the member’s groups as an Admin

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the filtered calendar title from displaying when navigating to an event and back to the filtered calendar

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