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Clients utilizing a Clubessential hosted platform can access their Office application by establishing a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection from their local workstation to the Clubessential Hosted server.  Once the remote connection is established, the Office application is available for sign-in and use.

Use Case

A Club decided it was more cost-effective and efficient to move to a Clubessential Hosted solution, rather than continue to support the server and backups locally at the Club.  To access the hosted solution, the Club now uses a Remote Desktop Connection to access their Office application.


Helpful Video-How to use this tool on a Macbook

Here’s a helpful video that walk through how to use this tool on a macbook:

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Click Here to download from the App Store.

Create a New RDP Connection

  1. When the App opens, click the icon
  2. Select Add PC
  3. Enter the PC Name: This is the Unique Club IP Address
  4. Click User Account and a dropdown will appear
  5. Select Add User Account
  6. Enter the Username: CLUBSOFT\USERNAME
  7. Enter the Password
  8. Click the Add button
  9. Once Connected, double click the following icon to launch Office (CMA)

Best Practices

Change Password periodically and/or Protect Password to enhance security of data.



Q.  What is my remote Computer's Name/IP Address?

A.  Check with your Implementation Specialist to confirm.

Downloadable Guide

RDP Setup - Hosted Server - Guide