Message Boards


The Message Board is a tool that allows your members to interact with each other and the club staff. The Club can set up categories, such as Golf Board, General Club Board, Squash Board, and then assign individual forums to each category, such as Squash Leagues, Squash Trash Talk, Squash Market Place, etc.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

Message Boards

  1. To set up a Message Board, click on the Administration button on the top right of the page. This will display the settings as shown below

    • Board Title This will give the board the name.

    • Time Offset Configure this for the appropriate time zone (eg: EST = -5, CST = -6).

    • Post Sort Order Use the dropdown to choose how the posts will be ordered.

    • Board Enabled By checking this box, the Message Board will be disabled.

    • Categories as Accordion Allow the Categories to be accordions which must be expanded to see forums.

    • Enable Signatures This will allow members to configure their own unique signature that will be displayed when they create posts.

    • Enable Approval Process This will give the admin a chance to review and approve any additions to the board by members. When this is checked, you must place an email address in the "Needs Approval" text box a little farther down so the admin can be made aware of any posts that need approval.

    • Enable Post Editor Allows members to edit their posts after they are posted.

    • Enable Signature Editor Allows members to create html signatures with text formatting and images, instead of just a plain text.

    • Show Threads on Main Level Select to show forums on same level as categories.

    • Show X Posts on Main Level Choose how many forums may be displayed on the same level as categories.

    • Archive After Enter how many days a forum may be active before it is automatically archived.

    • Allow User Archive View Allows members to view archived forums.

    • Members may Reply Allows members to respond to forum posts.

    • Show Topic Views By Use dropdown to decide who the message board will count in the Views column.

    • Disable Message This is the message that will be displayed if your render the board disabled.

  2. After the settings, the Notification Emails section is where emails can be placed to be notified upon the specified criteria.

  3. After Notification Emails comes the board structure. To edit an existing category or forum, double click the name.

  4. To reorder forums, click and drag the name to the new location in the category. To reorder categories, click the Reorder link next to Current Structure.

  5. To remove a forum or category from the board, click the Remove link next to it.

  6. Use the Create New links to create new Forums and Categories.

  7. Enter the Category Name, Category Description and choose whether or not it is Enabled. Then, select Save.

  8. Once created, it will reside under the Unused Categories or Unused Forums section respectively. Select Add next to an Unused Category to add it to the board. Select Assign to an Unused Forum to add it under a category.

Using the Message Board

  1. Creating new posts is done while viewing a specific forum. Select a forum to view the various topics already created.

  2. To Reply to an existing topic, click on the topic name and then select Reply to this Topic. Fill out the Subject Line and Message and select Submit Reply once finished.

  3. To Create a brand new topic within a forum, select Create New Topic. Fill out the Topic Title, Subject, and Message and select Create Topic once finished.


Best Practices