Mobile App (03.15.21) Release



  • Profile Screen

    • Membership level now showing

    • Remove buddy now working

  • Directory Screen

    • Add buddy without selecting category fixed

  • TeeSheet Screen

    • Edit button populated based on ‘Allow TeeTime Edits’ global setting

    • Hide Pending lottery requests based on global setting 

    • View Only for Members implemented 

    • Hide bookings from not yet available times implemented 

    • If the Filter is active, invert the Filter Button colors to indicate as active

  • Tee Time Booking Screen

    • Disable action buttons after first press while behind the scenes loading and API calls are happening

  • Post Score Screen

    • Submit score fixed

    • Refresh screen after every score submission

  • Home Screen

    • Featured events and time range updated to 25 events and 90 days - was only displaying 10 events but that has been increased.

    • Upcoming Reservations no longer show past reservations



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