Mobile App (05.05.21) Release



  • When the Member Directory is hidden from being viewed by members, members will no longer be able to view Member Profiles via their Buddy List.

  • Efficiencies have be implemented to shorten the load time of the Home Screen.

  • Changes have been made to how the title and date of an Article are displayed on the Home Page. They now display consistently with Featured Events.

  • The Calendar now defaults to the being displayed in List View. 

    • The List View no longer shows dates with no scheduled events, whereas the Calendar View will show all dates regardless if events are scheduled or not. 

    • Example: May 13th is *not* shown on the List View because there are no scheduled events for this date. May 13th is shown on the Calendar View even through there are no scheduled events for this date.

  • Admins will now be able to see all members listed within their Impersonation Directory vs. just members that are visible within the directory.


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