Mobile App (05.19.21) Release



  • Gimbal/Beacons support will be launched to a small subset of Clubs giving them the ability to connect and transmit to smart devices nearby. 

    • After a successful launch to this subset, Gimbal/Beacon support will be rolled out to all Clubs.

  • Login Help has been added to the Login Screen allowing members to reset their password directly from their Club’s branded app.

  • Members will now see error messages on the Edit Profile page when entering data that is deemed invalid for a particular field. 

    • Example: The system limits a member’s zip code to 30 characters. The member will now see “Field cannot exceed 30 characters” when attempting to enter more than 30.  

  • Improvements were made to the Tee Times countdown.  Members will now see the actual date and time tee time bookings will open, in addition to the countdown ticker. 

  • Members will now be able to “swipe left” on a player when editing a Tee Time to change the player from TBD to Need Player, or from a Member/Guest name to Need Player. 

    • The Set to Need Player behavior is now the same as deleting a player or setting a player to TBD. 

  • Performance improvements have been added to the Calendar to improve load times and speed-up navigation. 

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