Office - IT - Schedule Pop Installation


Steps to follow to when integrating Schedule Pop with CMA.


  1. Sign into CMA. Select System and then System Settings.

  2. Within the left panel, select Partner Products and then SchedulePop.

  3. Click Add to add an endpoint (These are referred to as Locations within Schedule Pop)

  4. By default, the sync frequency default is set to 5 minutes but can be lowered if desired.

  5. Give the Location a name. Usually the name of the club.

  6. By default, Disabled is checked. LEAVE THIS BOX CHECKED FOR NOW

  7. Select an Admin Employee. The club should determine who this will be.

  8. Client Key, Client Secret, and Location ID will autofill.

  9. Select which Employee Types will sync. Generally every type will be selected except for Terminated.

  10. Click on the green checkmark icon to accept.

  11. ALSO select the save icon

  12. Double-click the endpoint or location to open the edit settings once again. Select Submit Activation Request. This will send a notification to SchedulePop.

  13. Send an email to and let them know a request has been made.

    1. Include: club name, club contact details

  14. SchedulePop will email back once the location has been activated.

  15. Open the endpoint editor once again. Select Sync All.

    1. You will see a running countdown of employees as they are synced.

    2. This can take a few minutes to finish.

    3. Once finished, you will receive a pop-up letting you know it has been finished.

    4. Click on Log

      1. Logs will display employees in batches of 25

      2. If there are any errors for an employee, reach out to SchedulePop (

  16. Uncheck the Disabled box.

  17. Click on the green checkmark icon to accept.

  18. ALSO select the save icon

Additional Notes

  • SchedulePop verification is done by email. Each Employee needs to have a unique email to sync.

  • Changes made that will cause a sync (verbiage used by SchedulePop in parenthesis):

    • Change to Name

    • Change to Job Code (Duties)

    • Change to Email

    • Change to Phone Number

    • Change to Area (Zone)

    • Change to Employee Type

    • Change to Hire Date (Seniority)

    • Change to Pay Rate