Office - IT - Setting up SSL VPN Client on a Remote Workstation

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 If an employee needs to access their hosted server from a remote location, they can follow these steps to install and use the WatchGuard VPN client. This is useful for employees who work from home or are unable to be present in the physical office.

Setup SSL VPN Client on a Remote Workstation

  1. Navigate to the web URL provided by This will include the hosted server’s IP address and access to the Watch Guard VPN client.

  2. Use the credentials also provided by support to sign in and download the agent.

  3. Run through the installation prompts then open the WatchGuard Mobile VPN application.

Access the Hosted Server

  1. Open WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL

  2. Server address will be the same as what was provided earlier.

  3. Use those same credentials provided earlier and hit connect.

  4. Once connected the Agent Icon should turn green. You now have access inside the Club’s Environment.