Website (09.20.21) Release




RELEASE NOTES | September 20, 2021




  • Added new options to the roster layout dropdowns for “Lastname, Firstname Suffix” and Clubhouse ID so that they can be included in directory displays

  • Added a new option in Tee Times global settings to disallow failover into partially booked times. When enabled, members attempting to book will only be reassigned to completely unbooked times.

  • Added support for the Member Swipe Card ID field in the API sync between Office and the Website, which allows that field to be displayed on the site or used for member card barcodes


  • The prefix field in the directory now allows 25 characters to be saved. Prior, this field only allowed 15 characters.

  • Changed the verbiage for attendee selection in the mobile version of calendar registration. Previously, this said “Tap to Select” but now says “Tap to Add Attendee” to make it more clear what the action does.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented MAP CRM dashboards from loading within Office in certain circumstances

  • Made additional verbiage updates within Courts reports as a follow up to the updates in the last release

  • Updated the Release Notes link in the Admin toolbar to link to the knowledge base where the current release notes are housed

  • Fixed an issue in Dining that prevented the Start DateTime complex field from being used in Option Allowances


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