Website (10.11.21) Release

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October 11, 2021





If the default booking duration is unavailable, bookings will now default to the next lowest available duration. Previously, if the default booking duration was unavailable, the system would default to the lowest available duration.


New Email Editor: Added “Anton” and “Oswald” as font options.


Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue that prevented a tee time multi-booking with a large number of times to go through as an Admin

  • Fixed an issue with scheduled emails that resulted in incorrect message recurrence in certain rare circumstances

  • Fixed an issue in CRM that resulted in the inability to update a prospect from a view after changing the page size

  • Fixed an issue with the ##SHOWDATE## snippet not working in scheduled dining and courts notifications

  • Fixed an issue that prevented statement PDF downloads in OMS

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect image formatting in formbase confirmation emails

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new editor event flyers from being saved properly immediately after being saved as a template

  • Fixed an issue that displayed an incorrect opening time on the tee sheet in certain circumstances

  • Fixed an issue that prevented auto-waitlist notification emails from sending when an active booking is cancelled by an admin via the checkboxes in Event Manager


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