Mobile App - Member Guide - Downloading

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The Clubessential Member App will need to be downloaded from either the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Required Permissions

  • Member Profile and Login

Initial App Download 

Please contact your club if you are unsure if your app is branded or container.

  • If your club's app is branded, search the respective store for the club's name.

  • If the app is a container app, search for Clubessential and download the Clubessential app instead.

  • Apple App Store

  • Google Play Store

Initial App Login (Container App)

The Clubessential Member App requires credentials that will only be provided if you are a member or Admin of a participating club. These items include:

  1. Club ID: This will be provided to the Club by Clubessential. Each Club has a unique Club ID, that combined with username and password, will enable a successful log-in. Please Note: Branded apps will not need a Club ID to sign in

  2. Username: This will be the same as your website login username.

  3. Password: This will be the same as your website login password.              

If you are having trouble logging in. Use the Need Login Help? link.

Initial Permissions

The Clubessential Member App will request several permissions.

  •  Allow notifications so that announcements will be received, such as “lightning warnings, reminders for upcoming events, etc).

  • Select OK to allow Bluetooth so that the app can receive personalized notifications based on locations throughout the club.

  • Clicking Yes while Enabling Biometrics will allow easy and quick logins depending on your device's capabilities.


Best Practices