Office (11.8.21) Release


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November 8, 2021





Mobile POS will now allow members to check in for activities they have signed up for via the left hand check-in flyout when an area is configured to allow for activities check-in


The activities grid in MPOS now has a “Member Charge All” button added so that staff have the capability to charge all open activities with the press of a button


The system will now allow users to select Member Groups to apply a message to which will then populate at the POS if any of those members are selected


CMA will open a tab and load the ticket allowing users to edit MPOS tickets from within CMA.


Events Module was removed from CMA as it's functionalities will no longer be supported after Classic Web EOL. The Event Reservations report and Events tab will no longer be visible.

Bug Fixes



  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the system was checking for an account to be selected when  attempting to enter a member payment with manual CC entry

  • CMA - Fixed an issue with Member sync that was causing Card on File data to not populate in MPOS

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue with “BreakoutChildPOSItemsWithDifferentCourse” not breaking out items when an item is added as an individual item and again added as a modifier to another item.


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