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  • Dining reservations can be accessed via Mobile POS. These options allow Staff the freedom to build Dining reservation tickets from anywhere at the club with seamless integration across platforms. This guide covers how tickets and payments works on Mobile POS.

Required Permissions

  • mPOS Pin

  • Area Permissions



Accessing the Tool

Dashboard Overview

To access Dining on Mobile POS, Users will click on the Dining tab, as seen below in a FNB Sales area. If you use the Clubessential Dining Reservation System and you do not see this option, please contact us.

The Dining tab will open the current day. You will see the following menu options along the top bar:

  1. Date Selection - This will open the calendar to let the club select a specific date to view. 

  2. Location Drop Down - If the club has more than one location this will allow them to select among them. 

  3. Resource Drop Down - This allows for filtering among specific dining rooms.  

  4. Admin Dashboard - This takes the user to the admin dashboard on the club's website. 

  5. Refresh - This allows the user to manually refresh the Dining dashboard to pull in any changes made on the website. Please note - this does automatically refresh every 60 seconds as well. 

  6. Search - This allows you to search the selected course/day for a specific Member or Guest's Dining Reservation.

Dining Reservation includes any member and guest information as well as an option to view more info. 

Please Note: If there are any member or admin comments on a reservation there will be a red  icon to inform the club.

Dining Settlement

The club can use the checkbox on the left side of the reservation to perform a number of actions. . 

  1. More Info - Displays the details of the reservation including all members and guests, any dining options, and any member or admin comments. 

  2. Create Ticket -  This allows the User to create a ticket for each reservation and assign it to the reserving Member or first Member. Use the Select All to pay for all people on the reservation. 

  3. Preview Ticket(s) - Will display the information within a ticket if one has been created. If none has been create will display an error message. 

Using the checkbox method the club can turn multiple reservations into tickets at once. If only one reservation has arrived, click anywhere on the reservation line to begin building the ticket.

Any ticket that has been built but not fully charge out will display in yellow on the dining reservation screen. 

This will also change the reservation's information on the dining admin dashboard to a green color along with a Seated status. 

Please Note: If the tickets needs to be deleted for any reason both the dining tab and the admin dashboard will revert to its original status and color. 

Once the ticket is fully charge out the dining tab will display the reservation in green. The admin dashboard does not have any additional changes. 

Best Practices


Q: How often does the Mobile POS Dining page refresh? Are my changes automatic?

A: The Mobile POS Dining page will refresh on its own every sixty(60) seconds. You can manually refresh to see changes before that three minute mark by clicking the refresh icon. 

Q: What if we have a Card present transaction instead of a Member Charge?

A: Currently Member Charge is active and we have compatibility with Square  and our own CE Payments for credit card transactions.

Q: How can I switch the view between courses when using Mobile POS Dining?

A: Users can toggle between Courses by the Tee icon in the top right corner of the screen.