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The Tee Time booking experience has been completely redesigned.  The Tee Sheet shows members Tee Times of the current date and time so they will no longer have to scroll through Tee Times that have already passed. Members can quickly navigate to see Tee Times over the next few days or click the Calendar icon to select a date from the Calendar. 

Required Permissions

  • Club Member

  • Website Login

Accessing Tee Times

After downloading and signing into the app, There are various ways to access the Tee Times.

  • From the home screen

  • Using the Quick Action slide out

  • A link from the Menu Slide out


Using the Calendar

  1. By default, the tee times displayed will be the current day’s times.

  2. The next four days can be selected at the top to quickly change days.

  3. The calendar Icon can be selected to open a month view to select days farther out in the future.

  4. Select Book Multiple to choose multiple times at once.

  5. The Filter has several options that can be utilized to find a tee time.

    1. If the club has multiple courses, they can be selected here.

    2. The Time of Day can be filtered down using the slider.

      1. Under Slot Type, there are several options

        1. Already Occurred

        2. Bookable

        3. Not Available

      2. These can be used to narrow down to only show times that are available to book

    3. Players - Search for another player who already has a tee time booked.

    4. Select the button at the bottom of the filter to see those narrowed down tee times. NOTE: the button will say the amount of tee times before clicking

  6. Once the desired tee time has been found, simply select See # of Tee Times

Booking Process

Booking Window

  1. First, select the number of rounds from the options available.

  2. Next select the number of players from one through four.

  3. If booking for a member, select Edit next to your name and switch to that member.

  4. By default, additional players will be added as TBD. Additional specific players can be added by tapping Select Player.

  5. This will open up the buddies list to choose buddies to add. Use the top tab to add Members or Guests.

  6. Transportation type for each player can be changed by tapping on the current transportation type. This will open the Course Transportation window to modify. Tap Done to save.

  7. Tap and hold and slide left on a member will bring up several options. Editing Players

    1. Set to TBD

    2. Set to Need Player

    3. Remove

  8. At the bottom of the booking window, a comment can be added by tapping + Comment. Note: Members will be able to see this comment.

  9. Once finished, simply select Make a Tee Time to finalize.

After Booking

  1. Once finished, the details of the booking will be displayed on the members home screen.

  2. If they are signed into the app, they will be able to take several After Booking Actions

  3. The option Add Tee Time to Calendar will add the tee time as an event to their personal calendar.

  4. Members can use the Edit button to make any updates or cancel.

Best Practices