Office (2.24.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Added functionality in Mobile POS for inactive or out of stock items. 

Use Case: An “x86” checkbox has been added to the Item Lookup in Mobile POS, allowing users to mark items as inactive.


If a user attempts to add an 86’d item, they will receive the following error message:


  • A signifier for minor Members has been added to the Member Lookup screen in Mobile POS. 

Use Case: A red (M) has been added to the Member Lookup in Mobile POS to indicate users who are minors.


  • The Mobile POS check-in system has been updated to also consider a Member’s Member number in addition to their Swipe ID.

Use Case: Previously, scanning or swiping a card would only reference the “Swipe ID” field in Office. Now, the system will check both fields. If a club is using a Membership card with the Member number assigned (such as the digital Membership card in the CE mobile app) the system will be able to use it for check-in, in Mobile POS.


  • Member Group filtering support has been added to Mobile POS. 

Use Case: Member Group filtering support for Member Details has been added to Mobile POS; when configuring an area, when Member Details → Show Custom is enabled, only those selected Member groups will display in the Mobile POS Member Details dialog.

Custom groups will then show in the Member Details on Mobile POS. See the example below of a Member in multiple groups with a custom group view setting enabled. 


  • Added functionality in viewing Member Preferences. 

Use Case: When viewing Member preferences and Member preference categories in CMA, a user can now use new Move Up/Move Down buttons to order them.


  • Added ability to print user’s MAP score breakdowns. 

Use Case: When viewing a MAP score breakout or chart in CMA (by clicking the Retention node while editing a Member’s file), users can now print out the data by selecting the print button, shown below.


  • The Transaction Search in CMA has been updated to support searching by Mobile POS ticket number.

Use Case: Users can now search transactions by the ticket number as opposed to the transaction number. See example below of a user searching for ticket number 637. 



  • Added additional filtering types to the Deletes/Voids/Discounts/Comps Report. 

Use Case: The Deletes/Voids/Discounts/Comps report now allows users to Group By Type, Reason Code, Employee, or Area.


  • The Item Sales report has been updated to show Ticket number, Discounts, and Net Sales values.

Use Case: Previous report functionality only showed the ticket reference number for each transaction. Now, Users can now view by ticket number, and additionally, view discount(s) and net sales for quick reference all within one report. 


  • Office Security Role has been added to view activated devices, under the Security menu. 

Use Case: A new License Activity security role has been added to allow users to view the list of activated devices.

Users with this security role checked will then see the following menu item to view License Activity. 

Bug Fixes/Other Features

  • Print Preview on Send support has been added to Mobile POS in POS Options.

  • The ticket view in Mobile POS has been updated to display the Course and Seat number on the same line.

  • An item combo will now appear in a screengroup in Mobile POS even if the items within the combo are marked as “Don’t Display at POS”.

  • The Member Roster Export report has been re-written to make it run significantly faster.

  • When adding a custom field column to a grid that is of date type and has the word Date in the title, the values will now be formatted in the same standard month/day/year as other date columns.

  • When Office pulls in a Member photo that has been changed on the website, it will now be set as the Member’s primary photo in CMA.

  • Fixed an issue where the journal entries for a settlement were posting to the wrong accounts due to a credit being issued on a ticket closed with CE Payments.

  • Fixed an issue where textboxes were not automatically getting focused when running Mobile POS using the native iOS app (ex. Ask for Name items, Member Lookup search).

  • Fixed an issue when attempting to use the Kiosk Check-In with a scanner in the native iOS app. There is now a setting in System Tools called “Use iPad scan check-in”.

  • Fixed an issue when attempting to settle a negative quantity ticket with credit book eligible items to a Member who once had credit book but had used it all up in Mobile POS.

  • Fixed an issue where the Suggested Gratuity ticket template element was calculating the wrong amounts in Mobile POS.

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