Website (1.10.22) Release


January 10, 2022





Added link options to reservation system push notifications: instead of just text, these push notifications can now also link to content, such as surveys, just like manually sent push notifications.


Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue that resulted in court durations defaulting to the highest available duration instead of the system default duration

  • Fixed an issue that allowed for court reservations to be reassigned to blocked times instead of the next available time

  • Fixed an issue that prevented custom starts from appearing in the tee times Course Utilization Reports

  • Updated mobile articles to no longer load sitewide CSS, which will fix display issues for new editor articles in the Next Gen App

  • Fixed an issue with the step 2 email preview screen that resulted in sitewide CSS causing display issues

  • Fixed an issue with the recently released calendar event push notifications that prevented them from sending when registrations were made on the mobile website


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