Email Delivery Options


Once reviewed, emails can be either sent or saved for later sending.  Additional options also exist to assist with tracking.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

  • Editor

Email Delivery Options

When you are finished editing and saving your message you will return to the Compose Email screen. Here you will leave the radio button on Send massage to external email address only (do not send message if no external email exists) and click Preview Message, located below the click to edit area.

  1. Under Selected Emails, designate whether to use Primary Addresses, Secondary Addresses, or Both (as defined in the Member setup in the club directory). 

  2. Track this Message (for viewing/delivery statistics within Mail Reporting) and whether you, the message sender, would like to receive a notification email when sending is complete.
    Please note: Message tracking will also track clicks on anchor links throughout the email.

  3. Optional: Check the box to Send Me a Notification Email When Sending is Complete.

  4. Define the next steps for deploying your message:

    • Send Message Now - Sends the message immediately, this cannot be undone. After sent, it will show in the Sent email tab.

    • Save Changes - This will place the message in Drafts email tab to revisit later.

    • Send a Test - This will send a test to selected email addresses. Select an Available User, pulled from the directory, or enter an email address (that can be from outside the system) to receive your test message.

    • Make Changes - Takes you back to the Compose screen of the Message Center, for further editing.

Schedule for Later

Schedule for later allows you to send the message at a later date and time. 

Schedule Type

One Time Messages

  1. Select the date and time to send the email.

  2. Click Update Schedule.

Recurring Messages

  1. Select the date and time that the first message should go out.

  2. Frequency - Daily, Weekly or Monthly. 

    1. Daily - Every Day, Weekdays, Every XX Days.

    2. Weekly - Every XX Weeks, then select which day or days of the week your message will go out.

    3. Monthly - Choose a specific date each month or a specific day of the week. Then select which month(s) this will go out.

  3. Schedule Indefinitely - checked by default. Uncheck to select a stop date for your recurring message.

  4. Click Update Schedule

Edit Message

Click Edit Message to be taken back to the first Compose screen of the email.

Click Cancel Edit to cancel the sending of this message.

Best Practices