Office (02.14.22) Release Notes


January 17, 2022




New Tickets will now default to seat 1 instead of “All”

  • When a new ticket is created in Mobile POS it will now default to seat 1 instead of seat “all” until a staff member goes off the ticket and returns. When returning to the ticket it will default to “All” each time.

Prompt before re-opening tickets

  • When a user navigates to the closed tickets grid and clicks on the checkbox next to a ticket and selects re-open, the system will now prompt users with a dialogue box “You are about to re-open a closed ticket. Continue?”

Removal of the Lock Icon

  • On the open tickets grid in Mobile POS, the system will no longer show the red lock icon, but will still be inform the user that the ticket is locked by highlighting the text of the ticket and red and if clicked on a red warning message will appear letting the user know the ticket has been locked by another employee.

Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where staff who did not have the “Allow Item Management” permission from within CMA were able to view the “Item Lookup” link from the left hand flyout. 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where employee’s who had the permission to “Delete closed tickets” and had a leading 0 on their card swipe ID could not close out tickets because the system would not allow the leading 0 to be input when prompted to delete a closed ticket

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue caused by the vue rewrite where grids could not be sorted when clicking on column headers

  • CMA - Fixed an issue with the “Projected Member Billing Monthly” report where if you chose to run the report by a member type other than (All) the system would error out

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the Inventory Transaction History Report was sometimes multiplying the quantity of an item that was manually adjusted by a quantity of 2.


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