Website (2.28.22) Release


February 28, 2022


Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue with the tee sheet print view that displayed times on the incorrect course in certain circumstances

  • Fixed an issue with the Reservations at Time complex field in courts that resulted in incorrect availability being reflected on booking

  • Fixed an issue when creating events that resulted in the date field defaulting to the current year when attempting to add an event in the current month of a future year

  • Fixed an issue that prevented members from editing their court reservation to a new time if all courts in the current time are booked

  • Fixed an issue that prevented recipient details from displaying in mail reporting for emails that were sent to formbase submissions

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Day of Week rule from working properly in Guest Allowances for Dining Reservations

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in hidden or removed profile fields displaying in member profiles, if the member had previously flagged the field for display

  • Fixed an issue in the “Admin vs. Member Reservations By Membership Level” report in Dining Reservations that resulted in data displaying on the incorrect days


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