Office (03.28.22) Release Notes


March 28, 2022




The system will now automatically inform the staff member of an item countdown quantity hitting 0

  • When an item has its countdown amount set and the value reaches 0, the next time a staff member attempts to add that item to a ticket the system will automatically prompt them with a message informing them that there are 0 of the item remaining

Users now have the ability to split a ticket, and choose “Done and Print”

  • Once a staff member finishes splitting a ticket, they will now have the ability to press “Done and Print” which will immediately print the pay tickets for all of their split tickets so they no longer have to go ticket by ticket and print them individually

Prompt before deleting a ticket

  • When a staff member is on the closed tickets grid, the system will now prompt the user with a warning message before a ticket is deleted so that there is no accidental deletion of tickets.

The Error and Success popup messages will now timeout

  • The Green success and Red Error messages that popup when an action was either successful or unsuccessful will now timeout after 3 & 5 seconds respectively instead of persisting until you click the “x” on the message box.

Mobile ordering time slots will now automatically be removed when they are “full”

  • Clubs have the ability to set how many orders can be made for a given timeslot in CMA, once that timeslot has reached its maximum amount of orders that timeslot will now automatically be removed from the options in Mobile Ordering



$0 Spent Report

  • Clubs now have a $0 spent report added to CMA with date, member type, and area filters. This report is also added to the list of reports that you can create dynamic groups from


Mobile Ordering syncing changes

  • For Terminal Devices, there is now a new multi-select lookup for Mobile ordering area which when selected designate that area for mobile ordering

  • In a specific area (under POS Options & within Mobile Ordering) there was a search box for Terminal Device that has been removed

  • if a menu is not tied to a device an error message will pop up when a user presses on the menu.

Gift Cards Added to Sync Tab

  • Under System Settings and the office cloud endpoint, users can now choose a gift card to sync from CMA

Positive Pay Export for Wells Fargo

  • Clubs will now have the ability to “Export Positive Pay” in Wells Fargo’s specified format for approved payment batches

Member Payment Wizard now has Department and Account options underneath the Properties dropdown

  • For multi A/R clients using the member payments wizard to import the lockbox files from their bank, fields for both “Account” as well as “Department” have been added under the “Type” field in the File Import Wizard

MPOS tickets show in the “Current Open Tickets” custom dashboard

  • When a user goes to Club Intelligence, custom dashboards, startup, current open tickets dashboard, the system will now show both Mobile POS and Classic POS tickets and has a column indicating whether a ticket is Mobile or Classic

Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where the price of Modifiers of Modifiers was not changing when the quantity of the original item was increased (reordered)

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where price schedule discounts were being removed when changing the member on the ticket outside of the price schedule window

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Price Schedule Discounts would disappear when an item was re-ordered outside the price schedule window

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where if you were to sell a gift card in MPOS, the member uses some of the gift card, then the club recharges the gift card with more money, the gift card would show an incorrect balance

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where Gift cards created via staff members in the Member Charge Wizard in CMA were not properly syncing over to be used in Mobile POS

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where Dynamic Groups were not respecting the “ # non-spouse dependents” and “no Spouse” fields and were adding members who had spouses/dependents regardless of how those fields were filled out

  • Mobile Ordering - Fixed an issue where when a user selected “Delivery” the app would ask for “Pickup Time” and when selecting “Pick up” the app would ask for “Delivery time”


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