Mobile App (03.25.22 & 03.28.22) Release


March 25, 2022 & March 28, 2022




A/B Starts for Tee Times

  • Added support for A/B Starts for Tee Times- if a tee time has more than 1 group permitted to sign up at the same time on the same tee/start hole, the app will now show the time and/or tee listed twice, once with an A and once with a B to represent those 2 groups permitted to sign up.

Home Screen Updates

  • If the app home screen is set to display a filtered calendar with no events scheduled, this section will not appear. Previously it showed and read “No Upcoming Events”.


Tee Times Cancellation Cutoff

  • Added support for the new Tee Times cancellation cutoff setting to ensure it is enforced on the mobile app.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a tee times issue for multi-course clubs that resulted in grouping players inaccurately on the same course when the same tee time exists on 2 courses.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Tee Times Guest TBA Bookings falsely saying "Confirmation Sent" on the confirmation screen.

  • Fixed an issue when editing group tee times where players would be incorrectly all listed under the 1st tee time after edit.

  • Fixed an issue when creating a group tee time where you were not permitted to add Players to the second tee time without first adding all Players in the first tee time.


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