Office - General Ledger - Journal Entries

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Using the Journal Entry wizard allows clubs to make changes to the General Ledger as needed. While many of the processes in CMA do this, the Journal Entry Wizard does so directly.

Required Permissions

  • Create Journal Entries (V)

  • Approve Journal Entry Batches (V, E, C, D)

  • Import Annual Journal Entries (V)

  • Un-post Journal Batch (V)

Accessing the Tool

  1. Navigate to the General Ledger Module and select Journal Entry Wizard.

  2. The system will prompt for a date selection unless other unposted journal entries exist. If other entries exist and a new entry is required select the Quick Add Button.

Making an Entry

  1. Within the Create Journal Entries screen, type or use the lookup to select the appropriate account(s).
    Please Note: Once you begin typing in the account cell, the lookup will populate with that information in the search bar.

  2. Under Ref (reference) the values or text can be used to help match up common entry lines.

  3. The description field contains more information about the line entry.

  4. Next, enter either a debit or credit. Be sure the opposing field has a $0 value.

  5. Continue to enter as many lines as needed to make the batch ensuring that the Debits and Credits balance (contain the same total value.

Review the Batch

  1. Click the Preview button to review the batch before posting.
    Please note: If any changes need to be made close the preview. Re-enter the journal entry wizard and select the batch.

  2. Verify all the information and click Post Batch.

  3. Review all posted batches in the Approve Journal Entry Batches section of the General Ledger module.

Memorized Entry

  1. Once all the lines are entered, check the Create Memorized Entry box at the bottom of the window.

  2. Preview and Post the batch.

  3. Now any time a new batch is built use the Import Memorized Entry button to pull in those saved entries.

Best Practices

  • Place offsetting entry lines in succession to make verification easier.


  1. Can I put any number of accounts in one batch?

    1. Yes you can just remember that the credits need to equal the debits.

  2. How do I edit a Batch after I posted it?

    1. Go to the Approve Journal Entry Batches section of the General Ledger Module and find the batch in question. Unpost it then open the Journal Entry Wizard and double click on the now open batch.