New Member Emails - Communications Director [first email]

Dear ##MEMNAME##,


My name is COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, the Marketing and Communications Director at Belmont Country Club. I would like to welcome you to the Club and encourage you to take advantage of all of our different channels to stay connected. As an active Member, you now have access to our online statements, reservations for events, departmental Club calendars and more! 


Visit our website at URL. Your login information is as follows;

Username: ##UNAME##

Password: your last name all lower case (ex. John Doe would be doe)


You will find that we keep you informed by sending out weekly newsletters as well as single purpose emails that range from upcoming event announcements, inclement weather updates and other pertinent Club information. During the coming days, should you have any questions about your online Member profile or how to make reservations for events, please feel free to contact me. In the future, if you need to make changes to your Member account you may reach out to our Membership Office at PHONE NUMBER or change the information on the Club website under “My Profile”.


I would highly recommend updating your profile online with your Birthday and/or Wedding Anniversary information so that you will receive your special treat from the Club to celebrate these annual milestones.


I’m here to help you stay connected to your Club. If you are on social media, we would love for you to join us on our Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram accounts that will keep you informed of all the most recent happenings at CLUB NAME!


I look forward to seeing you around the Club,