Full Suite - Spa Integration


The Unified Platform allows Clubs to manage their Spa seamlessly across their (back) Office/CMA, Axis-Website, and Mobile Point of Sale applications; ensuring Administration, Club Staff, and Members have the tools they need to set up, book, and manage spa appointments at the Club.

Required Permissions

  • Website Admin

  • Spa Admin

  • Mobile Point of Sale Access

Booking a Spa Appointment  

Book a Spa Appointment as a Member 

This functionality is not yet available but will be coming soon. 

Book a Spa Appointment as a Spa Admin  

Refer to the following articles:

Spa Reservations in Mobile POS

  1. Login to Mobile Point of Sale and select the device associated with the area of the reservation.

  2. Navigate to the Spa tab.

  3. The date will default to today's date. Click on a date within the date timeline to select a different date, or use the arrows at the beginning and ending of the date timeline to navigate to a different week. Select the date desired.  

  4. All reservations for the date will be displayed.   

Convert a Spa Reservation to a Ticket for Settlement 

  1. Click on the desired reservation or click the check mark next to the desired reservation and select Create Ticket.

  2. Select who is paying for the ticket. 

  3. Select who is being paid for

  4. A ticket will be opened where Items can be added as desired and the ticket can be settled based on the member’s or guest’s payment preference.

Convert a Spa Reservation to Member Charge

  1. Click the check mark next to the desired reservation and select Member Charge. (Note: this option is only available for Members.) 

  2. A ticket is immediately created for the service and settled to Member Charge.

  3. The closed ticket can be found under the Closed Tickets tab

Booking Color Scheme

  • White - A ticket has not yet been created for the reservation.

  • Yellow - A ticket has been opened for the reservation, but not yet settled.

  • Green - A ticket has been opened and settled for the reservation.

Re-open a Closed Ticket for a Spa Reservation 

  1. Navigate to the Closed Tickets tab

  2. Select the ticket to be re-opened.  Please Note: Re-opening a ticket will change the reservation from green to yellow in color on the Spa Tab indicating that the reservation has not yet been paid for.

  3. Make any needed changes, then Close the ticket.

Delete an Open Ticket for a Spa Reservation

  1. Navigate to the Open Tickets tab.

  2. Select the ticket(s) to be deleted. Please Note: When deleting open tickets associated with a reservation, the reservation will change from yellow to white in color indicating that no tickets have yet been created for the members/guests included in the reservation. 

  3. Click the Delete button.

Make Reservations Using the Admin Dashboard

Website Administrators with rights to access the Spa Admin Dashboard have the ability to access the dashboard from their Mobile POS device. From the Spa tab, click the Admin Dashboard icon. 

You will be single-signed into that particular Website Spa Admin Dashboard where you can perform all the actions necessary to manage spa reservations. It will open within a separate tab on your tablet or computer. To navigate back to the POS screen, select the POS tab.

Best Practices

  1. At the end of the day, ensure that all the Spa tickets for the day have been closed. Navigate to the Mobile Point of Sale fly out menu and select All Open Tickets. Close out any open Spa tickets.

  2. You cannot edit spa reservations that have been marked as Paid/Billed in Mobile Point of Sale. You will need to delete the ticket associated with the reservation, then edit the reservation, and then create a new ticket or member charge. This same workflow must be followed when there is more than one person on the reservation and the reservation is partially paid.