Office (10.17.22) Release


October 17, 2022





Mobile POS


 System will recognize failed transactions and ensure no further duplicate surcharging

  • The system will now recognize that a transaction has failed and will ensure that there is no duplication of surcharging when the transaction is attempted to be closed out again after









Automatically adding the cover count to a ticket that comes in from an event

  • When pulling in an event and creating a ticket in MPOS the system will now automatically add the cover count to the ticket the same as CPOS does.




When creating an event ticket for a reciprocal member the reciprocal member prompt will now appear

  • When a reciprocal member signs up for a calendar event, when they are being charged out for the event the system will now prompt the staff member with the “reciprocal member prompt” 

    • Note that doing a member charge all on the event will not prompt for the reciprocal charge info as this functions the same way with tee times and isn’t supported anywhere else at this moment

Discount/comp/void will now respect your employee area permissions

  • If an employee has the ability to only pin in to specific areas, then they will only be able to discount/comp/void items within those areas (Previously if an employee had the permission to override Comp and discount, they could do so for any area not just the ones they have access too, this is no longer the case.  The employee will need access to the area they are trying to discount void or comp in.

 Disable ability to discount now respected

  • Items with the setting for “Disable ability to discount” turned on will no longer be able to be discounted in MPOS


Bulk adding members to a ticket will now auto focus on the search for a member box after adding a member

  • When bulk adding members in MPOS the system will now automatically re-focus on the “search for a member” search box after adding a member to the ticket (refreshes the search bar so that as soon as you add a member you searched for, the search bar no longer requires you to delete what as typed and resets to automatically allow you to search for other members)



Income statement rolling report “Income after extra items” calculation update

  • We noticed a discrepancy between how the income statement rolling report and income statement report were calculating the “Income after extra items” and have updated the income statement rolling report to use the same calculation as the income statement.

Function names will now be appended to event names for banquets coming from ReServe

  • When creating a banquet event in ReServe with functions associated with it, the function names will not be appended to the event name such that a user will see “event name” - “function name” on member statements

Reservation by room type report will now hide reservations that have a folio status of 255

  • Folios of status 255 will now be hidden from the reservation by room type report (can get status many different ways, you can go into the database to manually make them 255 but these will not show now.

No Image to show

Daily management summary report will now wrap the text for item category names to the next line instead of cutting them off

  • The daily management summary report will now wrap the text for item category names that are greater than 16 characters in length to the next line instead of cutting them off

Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where toggling between multiple provider systems within 1 device was not properly updating the calendar with the new systems bookings

  • Mobile POS- Fixed an issue where guest pay/settle ticket templates were not working when printing tickets

  • Mobile POS- Fixed an issue where failed card on file payments were advancing to the pending gratuity state on the open tickets screen

  • Classic POS -Fixed an issue where voucher use on a tee times member charge all was causing the system to freeze

  • KDS - Fixed an issue where the “don’t ask again” button on station select was not working and the user was being prompted to select a station on that device all the time.

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where adding any colored text within a text box in the page fotter section of a member statement created that color vertical lines on the members statement instead of black lines


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